Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas CAREoling is a sweet, new version of a classic tradition.  Instead of singing Christmas Carols, you surprise friends, family, and STRANGERS with sweet surprises and leave a CAREoling Card for them!!!
Still confused?  An example would be to give warm treats and a CAREoling Card with an appreciative little note to the person who collects your trash on a cold, winter day.  How amazing would the Holidays be if everyone was surprising each other with kind words and fun surprises??!!! What a great way to introduce our children to the goodness of GIVING too!

CLICK HERE to download your FREE CAREoling cards

We have 3 unique cards to choose from...  we even have one perfect for your workplace called 'Holiday CAREoling'
1 - Fun Polka Dots
2 - Christmas Swirls
3 - Holiday CAREoling

Print them out and include them with each surprise!

You can incorporate this into 'The 12 Days of Christmas', 
The 25 Days until Christmas, an Advent Calendar, or just one sweet act of kindness this holiday season :)

Here are some great ideas to get you started!
-tape coins to vending machine, toy machine, car wash/vacuuming station
-pay for car behind at star bucks, drive thru, toll plaza, dry cleaners
-deliver candy canes to homes with christmas lights
-call hospital (kids floor, etc) to see what they would like
-deliver balloons to hospital patients
-pick a person/family to buy a meal for at a restaurant
-pay someone’s late fees at the library
-donate money to pay a needy family’s electric, gas, or water bill
-go grocery shopping and take food to soup kitchen
-bring a treat to a neighbor you do not know very well
-send a handwritten letter, personal message through Facebook to someone you do not talk to much, a family member, old friend, someone who has touched your life
-give treats/warm drinks/gift card on a cold day
to the person who collects your trash/recycling 
-think about the people in your life that you forget to thank and tell them/do something sweet (mail carrier, kids teachers, school secretary, lawn man, babysitters, dry cleaners, school cafeteria/janitors, etc )
-give a grocery store gift card to someone in the grocery store
-pay for someone’s co-pay at a doctor’s office or walk-in clinic.
-leave a Walgreen’s/CVS/etc gift card for the pharmacist to give to a deserving someone filling a prescription.
-leave a big tip to a deserving waiter or waitress
-Send a little something to a soldier who won’t be home for the holidays - ask around, someone usually knows someone.  Adoptaussoldier.org
-Make a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation 
-Offer to babysit for a friend
-schedule a play date with a new friend
-be a bell ringer or bring treats to one
-SMILE at everyone you come in contact with
-help an elderly person with their groceries - might be helpful to ask store when Senior Citizen discount day is
-call a nursing home/assisted living facility and see if they have any ideas of something nice to do (visit with residents, participate in facility activities)
-pay for a family’s photo with Santa at the mall
-select a book(s) from your personal library and donate to a school/homeless shelter, etc.
-Start asking people if they know of someone or an organization that you could help - it’s amazing how much you will learn if you just ask!
-Clean out closets and toys to donate OR schedule a toy swap with friends OR ask around for a deserving family/child
-Take donuts to the fire station/police dept
-Deliver reindeer food to friends 
-Bring something nice to people who have to work on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (gas station/drugstore)
-Give out Walmart gift card to a deserving someone or family
-Bring treats to the animal shelter
-Have your child(ren) draw/paint/color a picture and give it or mail it to someone unexpected
-Plan a small surprise lunch/dinner outing for a friend or spouse
-Leave a note on someone’s car  
-Leave a little surprise for a friend or family member

Happy CAREoling to All!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Sweet Inspiration

I am soooo excited to share a new idea that my best friend Traci and I came up with!!!!!

Since losing my best friend Jamie to Breast Cancer in March of 2011, I have been constantly thinking about how I can make a difference and help others... and teach my girls to have a BIG HEART too!

After a LOT of brainstorming, I came up with a sweet and fun new Christmas Tradition to do with my husband and our little girls-
It is called Christmas CAREoling and basically we are going to turn our cute Christmas Calendar into a Kindness Calendar and count down the 25 days until Christmas by surprising friends, family, and strangers with extra kindness!!!!!  I hired my FAVORITE girl at www.inkberrycreative.com to make me the cutest little CAREoling cards to leave with our surprises.  And my sweet friend Traci helped me SO MUCH and with her help... my vision is a reality!!!!  (Thank You!  Thank You!  To my friends and family that helped me on this too!)

We have made these cards available to EVERYONE for FREE!!!  
Just CLICK HERE and get CAREoling!!!!

If Jamie were here, she would have been so excited to help with this project!!!!  She loved being creative and making people SMILE!!!!  I love you girl and cannot wait for everyone to know you too!  We are all better people because of YOU!

Visit Jamie's Wish to see her AMAZING legacy!  
Click Here for Jamie's Wish Updates and to become a supporter!
Visit Jamie's Website Here
Click Here to read her courageous words
Click here to see the impact TEAM JAMIE is making :)